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Classes Schedule

Combo (Ballet/Jazz)


Little Rookies 3-5 years

Combo 5-18 based on skill as well.


Include Little Rookies and Combos 1-5

These classes include technique in Ballet and Jazz and teach the fundamentals of dance. We believe that ballet is fundamental to all types of dance technique. In Ballet Class emphasis is placed on the technically correct dancer. Correct technical training is stressed to avoid injury in all types of dance classes. Jazz Dance develops isolation movements of specific body parts while incorporating different qualities of movement into choreographed sequences. As a dance form, Jazz has an exciting, vibrant, and dynamic quality that makes it popular among all students.


7-18 based on skill as well

Include Hip Hop 1-Hip Hop 3

Hip Hop is exciting, pulsating dance forms. These classes develop isolated and free flowing movements of the body using syncopated beats and rhythms to create a high energy, high impact dance form. This intense expression of movement has been developed through the music videos of today. 

Hip Hop





Tap Dance is a fun way to instill the use of rhythmic patterns, musical counting, and sequential phrasing for students of all dance levels. Younger dancers use Tap skills to memorize sequences of steps through a realization of rhythmic patterns. Beginner and Intermediate students learn to count musical phrases, as well as begin to understand tempo and the importance of staying together as a class. Challenging combinations for the advanced tap dancers further improves coordination.



requirement must take a combo class as well

Lyrical Dance is a style of dance that is interested in translating our current day culture. It is a style of dance that is rooted in post-modern techniques, but it is highly influenced by today's art, architecture and technology. It is a dance style that draws from a fusion of multiple dance techniques including modern dance, ballet and jazz.

Lyrical dance is inspired by anything current and utilizes emotional expression through the lyrics of music as well as unstructured, radical and extreme athletic dance movements.




Tumbling will focus on flexibility and skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and many other skills. We currently have 3 levels and dancers will be put in a level based on their skill.

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